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Mother’s Day 2017

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It’s been said that checklists are a great way to simplify a complex task.  They help you do everything that needs to get done.  They keep you organized.  They ensure nothing gets skipped or forgotten.

With that in mind, we’d like to share a very important checklist with you:

The “Thanks, Mom” Mother’s Day Checklist

“Now, wait a minute,” you’re probably saying.  “Why do I need a checklist for something as simple as Mother’s Day?”

To that we answer: do you have any idea how many things there are to thank moms for?

After reading this checklist, you will.  For instance:

  • Every meal prepared
  • Every meal cleaned up
  • Every example set
  • Every lesson learned
  • Every tantrum endured
  • Every question answered
  • Every bruise kissed
  • Every cut bandaged
  • Every fever cooled
  • Every dollar earned
  • Every compliment given
  • Every sleepless night spent
  • Every homework paper checked
  • Every load of laundry
  • Every baseball practice or gymnastics meet
  • Every Christmas present
  • Every birthday cake
  • Every visit from the tooth fairy
  • Every encouragement ever given
  • Every fear soothed
  • Every goodnight kiss
  • Every nightmare chased away
  • Every bedtime story read
  • Every heartbreak healed

And most of all …

  • Every “I love you” ever said

As you can see, we have so much to thank our moms for—and this doesn’t even cover half of it!  So, this Mother’s Day, maybe we shouldn’t just say “Thanks.”  Maybe we should list all the things we’re thankful for.  Sure, their worth is immeasurable.  Let’s try to measure them.  Their number is uncountable.  Let’s try to count them.  It may feel a little awkward.

Let’s do it anyway.

Because let’s face it: Moms do everything for us.  Let’s do this little thing for them.

On behalf of our entire team, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

(And if she’s reading this …)

Thank you, Mom!

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